Ambassador of the inner world

My name is Aurelle, I’m an artist of Dutch/Polish origin that specialises in photography and poetry. I’m born in the rolling ‘Heuvelland’ (known as Little Tuscany) of Zuid-Limburg, the Netherlands. After having wandered and lived in different cities in Holland and Italy I returned to my native soil and I’m now settled in cultural rivertown Maastricht.

I’ve worked at a graphic design agency and as a freelance web designer and content creator. I’ve created more than 30 websites and webshops for small businesses and non-profit organisations and have more than 10 years of WordPress experience.

“When the world grows cold, we must rekindle our internal flame.”


The last few years I’ve dedicated myself to the exploration of my Inner World, which enabled me to blossom, grow both as an artist and person and emerge as a writer.  

My mission is to encourage the establishment of deeper and more valuable connections, to contribute to the revival and integration of poetry and mysticism in art and daily life and to create human content that’s not just appealing to the eye but also intellectually stimulating; ‘a call for more sensitivity and empathy’ to counterbalance the harsh, often fake and shallow commercial world we live in, which doesn’t meet the Individual’s emotional needs. I want to emphasize naturalness and the importance of the creative proces – which allows us to connect with our intuition, that serves as a compass in the course of evolvement – within the individual.    

Authentic, meaningful content with a soul

My approach enables others to identify and connect with you: your vision; your world on a profound and emotional level, by presenting a mirror that encourages introspection, a pathway emerges towards a soulful connection and the formation of a mutual bond based on a sense of relatedness.

I don’t ask you to understand, I encourage you to imagine…